Dean's Speaker Series: Donald Trump, Crimigration and the Future of Human Rights, Presented by Raymond Michalowski

Dean's Speaker Series: Donald Trump, Crimigration and the Future of Human Rights, Presented by Raymond Michalowski

March 28th, 12:30pm

Donald Trump, Crimigration and the Future of Human Rights: An Alternative Vision

Raymond Michalowski

Arizona Regents Professor

Northern Arizona University


In 2016, Donald Trump jumpstarted his run for the presidential nomination with a set of criminologically questionable pronouncements about Mexican immigrants and Muslim refugees. On his second day in power, Donald Trump made good on his promise to limit the immigration of people-of-color from the Global South by authorizing the construction of a “Great Wall” between the U.S. and Mexico. A few days later he issued an executive order denying people who held valid visas or green cards from entering the United States if they were from one of seven predominately Muslim countries targeted by the order.

This presentation demonstrates the inaccuracy of the Trump’s narrative about Latino immigrants and Middle-Eastern refugees, and the inadequacy of proposed policies for further militarization of the U.S. southern border and rejection of U.S. obligations under international law to provide a safe haven for legitimate refugees. It also offers a set of alternative border polices that can protect the well-being of those living in both the United States and Mexico, fulfill our obligations under international human rights law, and provide a framework through which different economies and different cultures can cohabit as peaceful neighbors.


Raymond Michalowski is a sociologist, Arizona Regents Professor, and a member of the Northern Arizona University Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice. His works include Order, Law and Crime, State Crime in the Global Age, Run for the Wall, and State-Corporate Crime, as well as an assemblage of articles, book chapters, and non-academic contributions in one way or another on crimes of power. He is editor of the series, Critical Issues in Crime and Society, for Rutgers University press, and a former officer of the Border Action Network, Arizona’s largest membership-based immigration rights organization. His most recent work is “The Future of Immigration Policy Under Trump,” published by the journal Social Justice.