Frequently Asked Questions

Additional information may be available on the Advising Resources page on this website.

Do I need an appointment to talk to an advisor? (top)
An appointment is not required but is highly recommended.  Walk-in appointments are handled on a first come first serve basis with appointments taking a higher precedence.

Can I schedule an appointment online? (top)
At this time, all appointments must be made by calling the Advising and Academic Success Center at 859.622.7216.  If you wish to speak with a specific advisor, please tell the person directing your call.  Always have your Student ID#, a contact telephone number, and a brief description of your issue when you call.

I am taking all of my classes at a Regional Campus. Am I required to see an advisor at the main campus in Richmond? (top)
The Regional Campuses have advisors in place to assist you with your needs.  Specifically, if you are a Criminal Justice or Police Studies major at a regional campus you should contact Stephen Kappeler:
   Stephen Kappeler
You may, however, choose to contact an academic advisor from our College's Advising Center to assist you.

I'm taking online classes, is there an online advising option? (top)
Students enrolled in a 100% online program may contact the advisor assigned to their major:


If you are only taking some courses online, you are still considered to be an on-campus student, and must contact the Advising Center at 859.622.7216 to schedule an appointment.

When/how do I declare my major/concentration? (top)
If you haven’t already declared a major, you may do so before you reach your 45th credit hour by visiting and going into EKU Direct.  You will log in, visit the Student Services and Financial Aid link, and then choose Registration.  In the Registration section, you will find a link that will allow you to declare/change your major/minor.

I need help choosing a major/minor.  Can someone help? (top)
You may contact Career Services in the Student Success Building, and one of the professionals will assist you in taking a student inventory which will help to outline your interests, or you may contact one of our advisors for assistance.

How do I add or drop a course? (top)
The information that you need to add/drop a course is listed on the Office of the Registrar’s page on the EKU website.

When is the deadline for adding, dropping or withdrawing from a course? (top)
You may find this information on your EKU Colonel’s Compass.

What’s the difference between dropping a course and withdrawing from a course? (top)
The information that you need to add/drop a course is listed on the Office of the Registrar’s website on the EKU website.

I will be attending on a part-time basis (fewer than 12 hours) in the fall: is academic advising mandatory?  (top)
Academic Advising for the College of Justice & Safety is mandatory for all students.  Special exceptions may be made on an individual basis.

What courses should I take? (top)
This depends on your desired major.  You will examine the curriculum for your specific program and then make an appointment to discuss course selections with your academic advisor.

I’m having trouble in a course. Where should I go? (top)
It is always a good idea to speak with the instructor as soon as you recognize that you are having trouble in a course.  They will direct you to resources, such as tutoring, to help you succeed.  It is then up to you to follow through.  If you are unable to meet with your instructor, our center can be a point of contact to help you find the help you may need.

What is the writing requirement? (top)
The Writing Requirement is a University requirement that is designated by a “W” attached to the course number.  The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that you have succeeded in being able to critically, creatively, and effectively communicate through your writing (at a college level).

What is the General Education Requirement? (top)
General Education requirements are courses that will introduce students to information that will help them to become critical, independent thinkers who are informed about a variety of world topics.  For specific information about General Education requirements, please visit your EKU Undergraduate Catalog

I forgot my EKU ID number, can you give me that information? (top)
To retrieve your EKU student ID#, please visit the Office of the Registrar with the proper identification.

How do I change my major or minor advisor? (top)
If you wish to change your advisor, please set up a meeting with the Advising and Academic Success Center to discuss your options.

I was trying to register for a class and I got a registration add error, what do I do? (top)
You must contact the Originator of the hold.  The error message will alert you to the specific office that has placed the hold on your record.  You will then contact that office to retrieve the necessary information to have that hold lifted. A list of registration errors can be found here:

I need my email or blackboard account reset, where do I go? (top)
Students should go to the Academic Computing lab, located on the 1st floor of SSB. Students may also call 622-3000. 

How do I get proof of enrollment for my insurance company? (top)
The National Student Clearinghouse is the official contracted agent by EKU to produce student enrollment verifications. Students obtain their official verification fast & free through their EKU Direct account, login now, enter ID and Pin, go to Student Services and Financial Aid/Student Records, scroll down and click National Student Clearinghouse). The Registrar's Office does not complete or sign individual forms to verify enrollment. However, if you utilize the National Student Clearinghouse and are faced with any challenges with printing the certification form, please know that you can go to the Registrar's Office in SSB 239 for assistance. There are also detailed instructions on the Registrar's web page at

How do I get car insurance forms filled out for a Good Student Discount? (top)
Student should go to EKU Direct/Student Services and Financial Aid/Student Records/ Printable Grade Report. The official grade report will provide the student's GPA and thus verify good student standing for the auto insurance company. This report contains all the required information.

I need a Letter of Good Standing or a Transient Student Approval form from EKU, how do I obtain this letter? (top)
Students can secure this information by completing a request form in the Registrar's Office in SSB Rm. 239. On that form students may request that the information be mailed to an address of their choice or they may arrange to pick the letter up the next day after 1:00 p.m. Please be reminded that proof of identity is required (picture ID) in order to receive pick-up service. The request form can be printed from our forms website.

I am a student with a disability.  Can special accommodations be made for me? (top)
You may find all of the information that you need by contacting the Office of Services for Individuals with Disabilities at 859.622.2933.  Additionally some information may be found on their website at

Will EKU help me find a coop position? (top)
Information regarding the EKU Co-op and Internship Program is found at or by calling 859.622.1296.