July 2020

Faculty Provide Expert Opinions on Current Events


The College of Justice & Safety is home to leading academics experts in the fields of policing and criminal justice reform.  With current events bringing increased attention to police practices in America, many of our faculty have been interviewed and written articles to provide their expertise on these issues.

Dean Kappeler Retires

Photo of Vic Kappeler

Dr. Victor Kappeler, Dean of the College of Justice & Safety at Eastern Kentucky University, is retiring after a long and successful career.  He has spent the vast majority of his career educating future leaders and working with law enforcement to improve police policies and procedures and to enhance relationships between police and the community.

Film: Frametown

promo photo of film frametown

Professor Scotty Dunlap's film, "Frametown", tells the story of Frametown, WV, the decline of volunteerism in the fire service and will hopefully inspire women to get involved. For more information about this film click here.

Emergency Management Team’s Role in COVID-19 Response

Photo of Autumn Stout

By: Autumn Stout, logistics and administration team leader for the South Dakota Office of Emergency Management