Stratton BuildingThe College of Justice and Safety is housed in the Stratton building in the Robert R. Martin Complex. The Stratton Building houses:

  • Posey Auditorium
  • Three computer labs
  • A cafeteria

Many of the classrooms have been wired for state of the art technology for interactive learning opportunities.

EMS program in the Dizney Building

The Emergency Medica Care (Paramedic) Program has moved!  After being located in the Dizney building for nearly 20 years, the entire Paramedic Program has moved into the newly redesigned and renovated Stratton Building.  The Program's faculty and their Administrative Assistant can be found in Stratton #21, on the ground floor.  Their primary advanced teaching and skills classroom will be Stratton #20; their primary basic skills and teaching classroom will be Stratton #286.  This is an exciting time for everyone in the College as we get the change to work more closely together on a daily basis.


Justice & Safety LibraryThe Justice & Safety Learning Commons supports EKU's College of Justice & Safety, the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training, and the Training Resource Center through technology assistance and print resources.

There are 18 desktop computers for students with plenty of room spread out and study between classes, meet with groups and research.  We have one group study room and two Steelcase group stations.  There are even Pepsi and vending machines for snacks. 

Students will also be able to pick up items requested through the Library Express service.

Posey AuditoriumThe recently renovated Posey Auditorium has a 250-seat capacity and offers the latest in audiovisual technology. The College’s Distinguished Lecture Series and other guest lecturer presentations are held in Posey Auditorium.





Sprinkler Lab in the Ashland, Inc. Fire & Safety LaboratoryThe Fire Sprinkler Lab, located in the Ashland, Inc. Fire and Safety Laboratory helps facilitate student learning and is available for outside agencies to use as a training device.