All internship/co-op opportunities must be approved in advance via the Office of Academic & Career Services and in consultation with the program Internship/Co-Op Coordinator.
Please note that the opportunities listed below are not exhaustive and represent only postings that are sent directly to the EKU College of Justice & Safety.  If you are currently seeking an internship/co-op, be sure to check the Co-Op/Internship page listed with EKU’s Office of Academic & Career Services and with your Program Coordinator.
Program Coordinators:
Emergency Medical Care - David Fifer
Fire & Safety - Bill Hicks
Occupational Safety - David Stumbo
Justice Studies - Kristie Blevins
Social Justice Studies - Judah Schept

The agencies listed below are not affiliated with or endorsed by Eastern Kentucky University.


Summer 2021  Internship
Loveland-Symmes Fire Department
For more information click here and here  or visit on the web and click on the employment tab.


Schneider Electric - Lexington, KY
Environmental Health & Safety Internship
Click here for more information!
Posted 3/24/2021

Donaldson Company, Inc - Nicholasville, KY
EHS Intern
Click here for more information!
Posted 3/18/2021

Fluor-Bwxt Portsmouth, LLC - Piketon, Ohio
Engineering, Environmental, and Safety Co-Op
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Posted 3/17/2021

Carbide Industries, LLC - Louisville, ky
Spring Intern, Occupational Health & Safety
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Posted 3/10/2021

Carbide Industries, LLC - Louisville, ky
Summer Intern, Occupational Health & Safety
Click here for more information!
Posted 3/10/2021

Sonoco - Hartsville, SC
Safety Internship
Posted 2/26/2021

Siemens - Flanders, NJ
Environmental, Health, and Safety Internship
Posted 2/12/2021

TRB Lightweight Structures - Richmond, KY
Part-time Safety Internship
Posted 2/1/2021

2021  Internship - Occupational Health Internship Program (OHIP)
For more information click here!
Posted 01/25/2021

Spring 2021  Internship/Co-op
Distillery: Sazerac/Barton Brands, KY

Hinkle Contracting Company, LLC, Lexington, KY- Internship 
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Posted 12/18/2020

Messer Construction Co. Safety Engineer Co-Op/Internship 
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Posted 10/27/2020