Armstrong Promoted to Assistant Chief

Ken Armstrong

Ken Armstrong has been promoted from the rank of Commander to Assistant Chief for the Lexington Division of Police.   Ken has been with the Lexington Division of Police for nearly 24 years and in that time has led the Special Investigation Section, Investigative Support Section, East Sector Patrol and the Bureau of Special Operations Operational Support Section. 

Ken is both a past and current president elect for the College of Justice & Safety (CJ&S) Alumni Society. He is also an adjunct professor for EKU and teaches courses, which focus on community policing and applied problem solving. 

He is a Certified Instructor with the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council and has been involved in training over 1,200 public safety officials and private citizens in the areas of criminal street gangs, leadership development, illegal drug markets and community policing.

Ken earned a B.S. in Police Administration in 1990 and a M.S. in Criminal Justice from EKU in 2008.

Published on February 03, 2015