Department of Paramedicine Program Chair Receives National Award

Nancye Davis

The National Association of EMS Educators has named Nancye Davis as their 2017 Unsung Hero Award Winner. Davis has spent more than 30 years in the field of emergency medicine and over 20 of those years as a faculty member and program director of the Department of Paramedicine at Eastern Kentucky University. She was promoted to the department chair of the Fire Protection and Paramedicine Science Department two years ago.

She initially started her teaching career as a faculty member in the nursing department. She quickly realized that she was better suited to teach in the paramedic program. Having her Master’s degree in nursing, Nancye could have made much more money in the nursing department teaching or as an administrator in a hospital, but money has always been secondary to her. Her heart belongs to the students who come into Eastern Kentucky University to seek to become paramedics.

Under the last four years of her leadership the following has taken place:
1. The Department of Medicine opened a new, high fidelity simulation suite with three rooms, a bedroom, a nursery and a clinical room that could function to simulate a nursing home room, and ED or ICU room. There is a fourth room that serves as a control room with cameras and microphones to record all actions for debriefing. We have Laerdal SimMan manikins in each of the rooms. She was instrumental in raising the funds for this.
2. Our department acquired an ambulance simulator that is outdoor based. This simulator is mounted on a trailer so that it could be transported to any EMS agency in our area and used to provide simulation training in a realistic environment. We are able to video and audio record all simulations as well as to pipe in through the speaker system diesel road noise and siren noise. This simulator is also stocked to the state of Kentucky BLS standards so that in the event of a disaster, it could be towed to the disaster site to set up as a mobile aid station.
3. Nancye was instrumental in starting our online degree completion program. For any person who holds a state or NREMT paramedic credential, the opportunity exists for them to complete either their A.S. degree in Emergency Medical Care or their B.S. degree in Paramedicine completely and totally online. She was able to fight for and win the concession that, as long as they could provide the documentation, paramedics could receive credit for 18 hours of course work simply for having a paramedic license as well as ACLS certification. That is a current savings of almost $6500. Also, these students would have the ability test out of 4 more classes at a cost of a $25 testing fee and $25 per credit hour. That would make a 3 hour class that would normally cost almost $1000, only $100. We currently have 85 students enrolled from 29 different states and two foreign countries.
4. In January, the university was able to launch its online/hybrid paramedic program for any person living in the state of Kentucky. Students are able to receive the very same content that is taught on campus in an online manner, asynchronously delivered. The students will come to campus for 2 eight hour days per month for testing and simulation training.

Nancye Davis

Nancye is affectionately known as “mom” by the students in our program. She relishes that role as well being able to dish out tough love when necessary. Healthcare around the world has been improved because of her teaching and leadership. Congratulations on receiving this award! NAEMSE made a wise decision!

Published on July 31, 2017