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Dr. Allen Ault Featured in Article

Allen Ault

Dr. Allen Ault, now retired Dean of the College of Justice and Safety, recently penned an article on asking Arkansas state officials to halt their planned executions of eight death-row prisoners.  Dr. Ault cited the accelerated execution schedule, the use of the controversial sedative Midazolam, as well as the mental stress and moral conflicts the execution staff have to endure as the main reasons to abandon this plan.

Taken from the article, "For me, unlike the “kill or be killed” mindset in war or other forms of self-defense, carrying out executions felt very much like participating in premeditated and rehearsed murder. Either from religious training (“thou shall not kill”) or established societal norms, every person knows that taking a human life is one of our culture’s most serious offenses. It exacts severe mental trauma — even when done under the auspices of state law. As I have written before: I don’t remember their names, but I still see their faces in my nightmares."

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Published on March 29, 2017