Dr. Judah Schept Receives "Critical Criminologist of the Year" Award

Dr. Judah Schept

Dr. Judah Schept was recently awarded “Critical Criminologist of the Year” by the American Society of Criminology’s Division of Critical Criminology and Social Justice. The award recognizes significant achievements in recent years that embody the spirit of the Division in its work on inequality, injustice and social change. Dr. Schept’s forthcoming book, Cages in the Coalfields: The Prison Economy and Political Struggle in Central Appalachia (New York University Press. 2022) is based on 8 years of research into the relationships between extraction, incarceration, and opposition in Central Appalachia. Dr. Schept has given numerous talks on this research in recent years, works with organizations pushing for change, and speaks regularly with journalists covering rural prison and jail growth. He also coordinates the Social Justice Studies program for the School of Justice Studies.

Published on April 01, 2021