Huang Recognized as an Outstanding EKU Critical Thinking Teacher

Huang Recognized as an Outstanding EKU Critical Thinking Teacher

Dr. Wanju Huang, of the College of Justice & Safety's Social Intelligence and Leadership Institute, was honored as one of EKU’s 2015-2016 Critical Thinking Teachers of the Year on Thursday, April 21, 2016.  Fourteen recipients were selected from among 140 nominees.  Dr. Huang teaches Applied Critical Thinking and Basic Social Intelligence.

The Critical Thinking Teacher of the Year award recognizes outstanding faculty who have had a substantial positive effects on developing their students’ critical/creative thinking skills. Dr. Huang was nominated by several of her students through an online survey.

In her nomination for this award, Dr. Huang was praised for her “wonderful enthusiasm for the subject material”, which, according to the nominating student, led to a “generalized overall student-based decision to try harder and look closer at the material.”

Additionally, her teaching methods were described as “a truly personalized critical thinking approach” which helped provide a “real-life based application of the material that we are learning.” Dr. Huang was praised for “sharing the ideas, scientific methods, and real life examples to instill in the students a professional and creative way to be more advanced at critical thinking applications and methods, while understanding the importance and advantages of critical thinking, in life, in professional goals, in interpersonal relationships, and in overall life skills.”

Dr. Huang was also described as “supportive and willing to assimilate student-based ideas and creativity. Her assignments are thought-provoking and challenging, while covering the basis of the ideas and concepts. This material then invades ones thinking to other classes and life situations.”

Dr. Huang’s nomination for this award closed with the following accolade – “I loved this class, this professor and would highly recommend Dr. Huang for this award. Her techniques have driven, every student in the class toward advancing their critical thinking process and learning how to improve each step of the way. I find this professor, out of the many professors I have had along the way, the most adept and learned in the creative thinking process.”

Dr. Huang received the McGraw-Hill 2015 Distinguished Paper Award during Federation of Business Disciplines/Association of Business Information Systems’ conference in Houston in March of 2015. She presented the research paper, "Be Visible in the Invisible Learning Context: How Can Instructors Humanize Online Learning" at the conference, and it was published in the conference proceedings. Her research focuses on using technology to humanize online learning.

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Published on April 25, 2016