Kentucky Center for School Safety Called Upon to Assist Marshall School District

Jon Akers, Executive Director for the Kentucky Center for School Safety was recently called upon by the Marshall County School District to share his expertise and assist in recovery from the recent shooting at Marshall County High School.  He is currently in direct contact with the Governors Office as well as the Marshall County School District to pool resources and provide assistance and training.   

Jon has served as Executive Director for KCSS for 18 years.  Prior to working with KCSS, Jon accumulated 29 years of experience in public education working in Fayette County Public Schools.

Since 1999, Jon has also served as a Kentucky Leadership Academy coach (mentoring 40 principals) and Scholastic Auditor for the Kentucky Department of Education. He is also a national trainer of Emergency Management for the United States Department of Education. A few of his awards and recognition include: Administrator of the Year (1993), Outstanding Teacher Award (1995), Distinguished Educator (1996) and 1998 High School Principal of the Year awarded by the Kentucky Department of Education. Jon has also served as an expert witness on school safety practices for four lawsuits assisting local boards of education.

From the KCSS website, “Eastern Kentucky University serves as the KCSS contract agency with the cooperation and support of the three partner agencies, the University of Kentucky, Murray State University and the Kentucky School Boards Association. Guided in its work by a twelve-member Board of Directors whose members are appointed by the Governor, the KCSS has established a broad-based School Safety Advisory Council (SSAC) that provides the Center staff and Board of Directors with a mechanism to ensure the interest and needs of the Commonwealth are addressed. To actively involve all the teacher preparation programs, a statewide Post-Secondary Education School Safety Task Force meets regularly to design and provide faculty development, teacher preparation, and continuing education opportunities related to school safety.”

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Published on January 26, 2018