Congratulations Patti Matthews for your work with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion!


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Name: Patti Matthews

Academic Advisor, Facilitator for Occupational Safety
Game Day Operations Staff

College of Justice, Safety and Military Science
Athletics Department

Congratulations to Patti Matthews, Academic Advisor in the College of Justice, Safety & Military Science, who was recently recognized by the University and the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for her work towards creating an environment of diversity, equity, and belonging at EKU. She, along with other members of the EKU community, were recognized during an EKU Basketball game this season. We’re proud to call her one of our own! 

How many years have you been at EKU?
I have been at Eastern Kentucky University in a professional position for 12.5 years.

Why is DEI work important to you?
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is important to me because I believe that all persons should have value, be valued, and show value to others. Marginalization and denigration of individuals, based on how they define themselves is unacceptable; every human being has worth. Our biases, both conscious and unconscious, will determine the society that my granddaughter lives in and I want her (and others) to have every opportunity to be respected and valued by this world. The work I do is not necessarily for me, but for those that come after me. I’m trying to help create a world in which each individual is celebrated and has opportunity because of who they are and not how the world has previously seen them.

Published on March 07, 2023