Pressure Builds for U.S. Police to Change Military Mindset

Photo of Pete Kraska

The College of Justice & Safety is home to leading academics experts in the fields of policing and criminal justice reform.  With current events bringing increased attention to police practices in America, many of our faculty have been interviewed and written articles to provide their expertise on these issues.

Dr. Peter Kraska
Pressure Builds for US Police to Change Military Mindset



Dr. Kevin Minor discusses Capital Punishment

Dr. Pete Kraska discusses
Three Ways to Fix Toxic Policing

Dr. Judah Schept discusses Mass Incarceration

Dr. Pete Kraska discusses SWAT\

Dr. Gary Potter discusses policing in America

Dr. Gary Potter discusses policing in America.

Dr. Derek Paulsen of the College of Justice & Safety, is interviewed by WEKU regarding the influences of today's profound national reckoning over policing, equality and racial injustice.

Published on November 09, 2020