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Stratton Annex Addition

College of Justice & Safety Stratton Building

After two years of construction, the Stratton building, home to Eastern Kentucky University's College of Justice & Safety, recently opened a 25,000 square-foot addition.

The $5.5 million project, which began in 2009, also included a facelift for the rest of the building.  University officials said Stratton was originally built for the law enforcement and criminal justice programs.

This is the only upgrade since its original construction, officials said.

Officials said Stratton needed more space largely because of the tremendous growth the college has witnessed over the past 10 years. For instance, undergraduate enrollment increased from 1,395 in 2007 to 2,071 in 2011-- a 49 percent change over just a four-year period. The graduate enrollment for the same period more than doubled from 245 to 510 students.  

Kerrie Moberly, executive to the dean of the College of Justice & Safety, said the new building provides "dynamic spaces" that help the college address the "changing needs" of its students.

James Street, vice president of capital planning and facilities management who oversees construction projects at Eastern, said a remodel for Stratton was long overdue.

 "The classrooms had become very dated and didn't have modern audio visual equipment," Street said. "They did not have appropriate lighting, and many of the finishes were very old and worn out. So we tried to go through and address those problems step by step."

The Stratton library and walk-in computer lab were also renovated. The space now boasts comfortable lounging and study locations where visitors can use desktop and laptop computers. There is also space for group work or individual study.

"The library wasn't serving the population they wanted it to be," Street said. "So we went through and upgraded it, adding a new heat ventilation, as well as layout changes making it more accessible, and furnishings to make it more attractive."

Stratton's new renovated space will include newly updated classrooms, a graduate seminar room, training lab for the emergency medical program and a new, more welcoming entrance way, Moberly said.

"These changes will allow the justice and safety college to be better than what they already are," Street said.

Click here to view the Gallery of the new Stratton Annex

Published on August 07, 2012