Student Spotlight

Hayley Jackey September student spotlight

Name: Hayley Jackey
Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
Major: Masters Degree in Criminology & Criminal Justice
Article: 'The System Is Not Broken, It Is Intentional: The Prisoner Reentry Industry as Deliberate Structural Violence’‚Äč

The Article examines the current PRI (prisoner reentry industry) and the ways in which they intentionally are set up to keep the formerly incarcerated in a remaining cycle of failure.

Quote: "Since my sophomore year of undergrad at IU Southeast I have fallen in love with research. I have found people and ways that fit into my passion to help those who the system fails to help. Since entering EKU for a masters I have continued to network and find those with the same research and passions for those in need in our system."

Published on September 16, 2019