Student Spotlight

Photo of Diana Strain

Name: Diana Strain
Hometown: Sullivan, IN
Major: Occupational Safety
Interning/Co-Op: U.S. Department of  Labor, Occupational Safety & Health (OSHA)

Diana Strain is an Occupational Safety major from Sullivan, Indiana.  During the Fall 2019 semester, Diana worked with the U.S. Department of  Labor, Occupational Safety & Health (OSHA).  As part of her position, Diana conducted workplace inspections in both construction and general industry in order to identify workplace hazards and recommend feasible abatement measures, to ensure workers are safe from accidents and occupational injuries. The Story of America is the story of its workers and we must always remember those who lost their lives while at work. If we can stay true to ensuring workers safety and health, we can deliver to our children and grandchildren a future of ever greater possibility and security."

Published on February 05, 2020